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Welcome to Ecotivity, the world’s first commercial solution to gamify recycling on an individual basis. Learn how we inspire people to become environmentally concious by realizing the impact of their actions.

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Our Mission


The US produces 250+ million tons of waste yearly, yet barely ⅓ of it is recycled. We have one of the lowest recycling rates in the world, but with Ecotivity, it is our turn to rise to the top.


We deliver proven results. Within one year, Ecotivity can significantly increase recycling rates. And at the same time, our users develop lasting habits that will spread among their communities.


The Ecotivity mobile app provides an individualized experience for each user. Rewards are tailored to your preferences, and you can track your stats to learn more about your environmental impact.


Changing the Way You Recycle

Our solution revolves around the concept of gamification, defined as introducing game mechanics and elements into different activities.

To gamify the recycling process, we combine innovative hardware and software to deliver meaningful results and an engaging user experience.

Ecotivity Tracker Device

An attachment for existing recycling bins on campus. Tracks items and syncs with companion app. Includes lights and sounds.

Ecotivity Mobile App

A companion app that serves as a user's main portal. Shows detailed stats, provides rewards, locates nearby recycling bins, and more.

Coming Soon to Your College

Bring the future of recycling to your campus today.

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Our Team


Charlie Liu


Student, developer, entrepreneur. Volunteer as a Senior Code Evangelist for CodeDay and CS Fair by SRND.


Isabel Zhou


Student, graphic designer, entrepreneur. Research intern at UCSB Department of Environmental Studies.


Raymond Nucuta


Student who loves to tinker with electronics and program apps. Eagle Scout and Nucuta Innovations CEO.

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We are always expanding to new locations, and we can't wait to bring the future of recycling to your campus. Reach out today to learn more.

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